Our Story

Jeffrey’s Story (before Niki):

Jeff was born July 6, 1987 in Lewiston, ID. He grew up in Nezperce, Idaho and attended Nezperce High School where he enjoyed playing football, basketball, and track. He graduated as Valedictorian in 2006. He attended college at Lewis-Clark State College, and spent his summers on a fire crew for the Idaho Department of Lands. He graduated in 2011 with a Bachelor’s in Biology and a Bachelor’s in Earth Science. He spent last spring/summer working for the Idaho Fish and Game as a wildlife technician, and then Jeff got a job with Sprague Pest Solutions as a Pest Prevention Specialist. Jeff’s parents live in Nezperce in the house where he grew up in. His older sister lives in Seattle, and he also has many other relatives that he enjoys spending holidays with.

Nichole’s Story (before Jeff):

Nichole was born September 6, 1986 in Canyon, TX. Her family moved back north just a couple years later. She lived in Lewiston, ID, going to Orchard’s Elementary until 3rd grade when her family moved to Juliaetta, ID, where she finished elementary school. She then went to Kendrick High School where she enjoyed playing volleyball, basketball, and softball. She graduated as Valedictorian in 2005. Nichole then went to North Idaho College where she played basketball for 2 years and graduated with her Associates in General Studies in 2007. The summer after her sophomore year Nichole had the opportunity to live in Australia for 3 months playing basketball on a semi-pro team. After returning to the States, Nichole went to University of Great Falls for two years, but was unable to play basketball due to back surgery. She graduated with her Bachelor’s in Accounting in 2009. Nichole then moved back to Idaho and went to the University of Idaho to get her Master’s in Accounting. She graduated in 2010 and moved to Lewiston. Nichole then got a job as an Accountant at Clearwater Paper Corporation.

Nichole greatly values family and friends. Nichole’s parents are Jana and Todd Stout who live in Juliaetta and Chuck and Corina Scott who live in Lewiston. Nichole is very close with her siblings: older sister Danielle (28), younger sister Jamie (24), and a younger brother, Dylan, who is 18 and a senior in high school. Nichole is also very close with her adorable little nephew, Spencer, who is 4 (Dani’s son). Her sister Jamie blessed her with another precious nephew, Bridger, on October 24th.

Jeffrey and Nichole’s Story (together!! :))

Jeffrey and Nichole’s story started in high school where they knew eachother from both playing sports in the Whitepine School District. Nichole had a huge crush on Jeff, but they were both WAY too shy to even talk in person. However, they did share conversation on the famous MSN Messenger haha. They each went their seperate ways for the next 7 years until they would meet up again. In November 2010 Jeffrey and Nichole both went to an Idaho Vandals football game with their mutual friends. However, at first it seemed nothing had changed as they were both too shy to even talk. The next home Vandal game they got a little more brave and had a conversation or two. Jeff then asked his friends for Nichole’s phone number. Nichole heard through their mutual friends that he had asked for her number. Jeff got up the guts to call Nichole; however, Nichole was too afraid to answer! She knew the unknown number had to be Jeff and ignored the call and instead texted him later. Over the comfort of texting they were able to talk and loosen up a bit until Jeff asked her to hang out. Jeff then came over to Nichole’s house while she was babysitting her nephew. They hit it off instantly and started hanging out more. There were many weekend nights spent staying up all hours of the night just talking and getting to know eachother. Finally Jeff asked Nichole on their first “official” date and on January 22nd, 2011, they went to dinner at McCullen’s and made it official: they were finally boyfriend and girlfriend!

It was so easy from the beginning as Jeffrey and Nichole fell in love quickly and both knew it was meant to be. They were soon inseparable and did so much together. They moved into a duplex together in September 2011, where they currently reside. Some of their favorite times together have been spent: going to Seattle to visit Jeff’s sister; going to Seahawk’s games with Nichole’s siblings and Jeff’s sister; going to Mariner’s games with their friends; playing co-ed softball together; spending hours and hours playing cards and board games with all of Jeff’s family; playing pinochle and other games with Nichole’s family; going camping with Nichole’s family and many times with Jeff’s family to the Selway; going to all of Dylan’s (Nichole’s brother) high school football and basketball games; having bbq’s with friends and family; babysitting Spencer (Nichole’s nephew); playing in and winning Hoopfest; hanging out with Jeff’s little cousins; and relaxing at home just spending time together.

Jeffrey and Nichole look forward to getting married and starting their lives together. They would like to find where they belong together, settle down, and start a family very soon. They would love all their family and friends to be a part of their big day that will mark the start of their amazing journey together.

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